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Research Activities

  • Lab Seminar (2017)
  • 17:00-19:30 (Thu.) at 54-101

  • Group Discussion (2017)
  • 17:00-(Mon) Soft Films & Solar Cells Gr
    17:00-(Tue) CNT 3D Gr
    11:00-(Wed) CNT 2D Gr
    16:30-(Wed) Electrochemistry Gr
    17:30-(Wed) Battery Gr

Photo Gallery


The 89th SCEJ Annual Meeting ('24.03.18-20)

Lab Alumni Party at Okuma Garden House ('24.01.06)

The 13th A3 Symposium at Korea University, Korea ('23.10.30-11.01)

20th Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering (APCChE2023) Congres, Manila, Philippines ('23.09.04-09.08)

The 23rd International Conference on the Science and Applications of Nanotubes and Low-Dimensional Materials (NT23) at Arcachon, France ('23.06.04-09)

2019 MRS Fall Meeting at Boston, MA, USA ('19.12.01-12.06)

The 10th A3 Symposium at Suwon, Korea ('19.10.26-10.30)

The 18th Asian-Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress (APCChE2019) at Sapporo ('19.09.23-27)

Lab Camp at Mishima, Numazu, Gotenba ('19.09.07-08) (High Res. Image)

Nanotube 2019 at W├╝rzburg, Germany ('19.07.23-27)

BBQ at Kasai Seaside Park ('19.05.05)

Guadalupe Workshop at Fredericksburge, TX, USA ('19.04.15-21)

Graduation ('19.03.26)

2018 MRS Fall Meeting at Boston, MA, USA ('18.11.24-12.02)

6th DGIST-Waseda Workshop on Electrochemistry, DGIST, Daegu, Korea ('18.11.04-06)

The 59th Battery Symposium in Japan at Osaka ('18.11.27-29)

The 9th A3 Symposium at Kyoto ('18.10.29-10.31)

Lab Camp at Nikko ('18.09.01-02) (High Res. Image)

BBQ at Kasai Seaside Park ('18.05.06)

Graduation ('18.03.24)

The 83rd SCEJ Annual Meeting ('18.03.13-15)

2017 MRS Fall Meeting at Boston, MA, USA ('17.11.26-12.03)

Visiting ITRI & Attending at ICFC at Taiwan ('17.10.30-11.03)

Lab Camp at Lake Kawaguchiko ('17.09.02-03) (High Res. Image)

Visiting Prof. Chen at Dongguan and APCChE2017 at Hong Kong, China ('17.08.21-27)

Visit from University of Twente ('17.07.28)

BBQ at Kasai Seaside Park ('17.05.01)

Guadalupe Workshop at Bandera, TX, USA ('17.04.21-25)

Graduation ('17.03.24)

The 82nd SCEJ Annual Meeting ('17.03.06-08)

Fullurene-Nanotube-Graphene General Symposium ('17.03.01-03)

SCEJ Regional Meeting in Fukushima 2016 ('16.11.25-26)

The 7th A3 Symposium at Buyeo, Korea ('16.10.30-11.03)

The 7th A3 Symposium at Buyeo, Korea ('16.10.30-11.03)

Lab Camp at Izu ('16.09.18-19) (High Res. Image)

Nanotube 2016 at Vienna, Austria ('16.08.07-14)

BBQ at Kasai Seaside Park('16.05.15)

Group Photo at NishiWaseda Campus ('16.04.06)

2016 MRS Spring Meeting at Phoenix, USA ('16.03.27-04.02)

Graduation ('16.03.24)

81st SCEJ Annual Meeting at Osaka ('16.03.13-15)
25 students, Dr. Hasegawa, and Prof. Noda made 30 presentations.

The 6th A3 Symposium at Fukuoka, Japan ('15.11.09-11)

APCChE 2015 at Melbourne, Australia ('15.09.27-30)

Lab Camp at Karuizawa ('15.08.20-21) (High Res. Image)

Nanotube 2015 at Nagoya, Japan ('15.06.28-07.03)

Guadalupe Workshop at Bandera, TX, USA ('15.04.10-14)

Group photo, 2015('15.04.01)

Graduation ('15.03.26)

80th SCEJ Annual Meeting at Tokyo ('15.03.19-21)
All 10 bachelor students presented their own works.

Gordon Research Conference on Nanomaterials for Applications in Energy Technology at Ventura, USA ('15.02.22-27)

5th A3 Symposium on Emerging Materials at Tianjin, China ('14.10.19-22)

Lab Camp at Kamogawa, Bousou Peninsula ('14.09.13-14) (High Res. Image)

Nanotube 2014 at Los Angeles, USA ('14.06.02-06)

BBQ ('14.05.18)

Group Photo with Graduating and Fresh Members ('14.03.28)

79th SCEJ Annual Meeting at Gifu ('14.03.17-20)
20 members (staffx3 + Dx2 + M2x1 + M1x4 + B4x10) attended.

Lab Camp at Kawaguchi Lake, Near Mt. Fuji ('13.09.07-08)

Nanotube 2013 at Espoo, Finland ('12.06.24-28)

Guadalupe Workshop at Bandera, TX, USA ('13.04.12-16)

Group Photo with Graduating and Fresh Members under Sakura ('13.03.22)

Lab Camp at Shirako, facing The Pacific Ocean ('12.09.29-30)

Alumni Association Party with Prof. Noda ('12.08.11)

Nanotube 2012 at Brisbane, AU ('12.06.24-29)

Lab Camp at Lake Yamanaka near Mt. Fuji ('11.09.23-24)

Nanotube 2011 at Cambridge, UK ('11.07.10-16)

Guadalupe Workshop at San Antonio, TX, USA ('11.4.8-12)

Pacifichem 2010 at Honolulu, HI, USA ('10.12.15-20)

Lab Camp at Okutama Mountain Area ('10.10.30-31)

Nanotube 2010 at Montreal, Canada ('10.06.28-07.03)

Won SHINWAKAI Tennis Championship ('10.02.24)

Won SHINWAKAI Basketball Championship ('09.11.16)

Lab Camp at Shirako Seaside ('09.07.17-19)

Nanotube 2009 at Beijing, China ('09.06.29-07.04)

Noda-Hanada Laboratory,
Department of Applied Chemistry,
School of Advanced Science and Engineering,
Waseda University,
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